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25th April 2007
New site! First album! Oh boy, what a day...

Apocalyptic Butterfly
Apocalyptic Butterfly, nearly 70 mins of pure Myrmidon Process combining as many electronic sub-genres that I could be bothered to think of, culminating in something that feels original yet oddly familiar.

1) Transphasic
2) Purple Velvet
3) System Crash
4) The Trap
5) Wasteland
6) 1011001110010
7) After Conflict
8) Escape To Life
9) Et Spiritus Sancti
10) 1011001110010 (smptd mix by
11) After Conflict (dash mix by
12) System Crash (full failure mix by

You can listen to two minute samples of every track as well as buy it from the releases page.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible, I LOVE YOU ALL! aaw
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